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Transatlantic Tour Pack

Includes 4 Tours
1) Mallorca Tour with guide
2) Valencia Tour with guide 
3) Cartagena Tour with guide
4) Malaga Tour with guide
• Cartagena Segway
• Barcelona Montserrat & Wine
Please read the conditions below.

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249 €


General Conditions

• Minimum guests: All tours will only take place if we reach a minimum of 25 guests. Our coaches fit up to 55 bears so tours will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

• Limited Packs: We reserve the right to stop selling Packs if there are not enough guests to fill additional buses. If you paid and Packs have sold out, you can use your balance to pay for individual tours or we will refund you.

• Port shuttle: In some ports, cruise companies do not allow private tour buses to enter the port so we need an extra 15-20 minutes to exit the port (with a free port shuttle) to reach our tour bus.

• Language: All tours will have an English-speaking guide.

• What to Bring: SeaPass card, provided on board, Photo ID document, cash, credit card, sun/rain protection, sunglasses, Headphones very recommended.

• Guides: Our tours include local guides.

• Weather: Exterior walking tours will be conducted in all weather conditions (rain or shine). Guests are advised to take the appropriate sun protection and weather gear.

• Meals: If it's not specifically specified, food is at everyone’s expense.

• What to wear: Comfortable non-slip walking shoes, a hat, and sunscreen are recommended.

• Tour leaders: All excursions will have tour leaders from our staff.

• Exact times: To be confirmed at the Hospitality Desk (day 1)

VERY IMPORTANT: If guests should miss the scheduled return bus or boat, transportation back to the ship will be their own responsibility and at their own expense. 


Transatlantic 22


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