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MED Transfers

Embarking 9 Sept 2018
A- Sitges to Port (departs 11h, arrives 12h) from Hotel Calipolis
B- Barcelona host hotel to Port (departs 11h, arrives 11:30h)
Disembarking 16 Sept 2018
C- Port to Airport (departs 8:30h)
D- Port to Barcelona host hotel (departs 8:30h)
Host Hotel
BARCELONA Hotel Aceci Villarroel. Carrer de Villarroel, 106, Barcelona

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30 €


General Conditions

• Confirmation: All transfers will be confirmed when we reach 20 guests. We will notify 30 days before if transfer is cancelled.

• Cancellation policy: Transfers are not refundable.

• Luggage: 2 large suitcases plus 1 piece of handlugagge per guest. We deserve the right to refuse a guest with too much luggage. 

• Tour leaders: All transfers will have a Cruise4Bears representative.

VERY IMPORTANT: If guests should miss the scheduled transfer, transportation will be at their own expense. 


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